Jackie & Dave Cahill


My son was 6 years old when he was introduced to Jose, by chance, at a birthday party. Our son was a great kid, but full of energy and struggling with self-control in school. He instantly fell in love with Muay Thai after his first session. Being very inexperienced in Muay Thai, we were not sure what to expect. The results were almost instant. Through discipline, respect, and fun, his confidence soared, and his behavior improved. Jose has mentored him for a year, introduced him to amazing teammates and helped him believe in himself, as well as feeling that he was part of something special. I would recommend this program strongly to everyone that has been looking for that unique challenge, to be a part of something special, young or older. The best part of it all is watching my now 7 year old train side by side with, and under the instruction of champions. Someday, he too, will be a champion and Jose and his team will lead him there.